Good DofE Sleeping Bag for Young People

Sleeping bags are an essential item for your DofE expedition. We are always on the hunt for useful kit and found this Deuter Starlight Pro Exp quite interesting.

This particular bag is designed for young people, who are no taller than 170cm.

It still weighs about 1.5kg, but all of that weight is insulation in appropriate places. The total weight is also a good 0.5kg lighter than most bags you’re likely to find on a DofE expedition. 

It has an extendable section, which allows the bag to ‘grow’ as you do or to be used by younger siblings – so you could share. The bag starts at 130cm and can be extended by unzipping the bottom and pulling out an additional 30 cm section.

If you are shopping for a sleeping bag this season and the dimensions work for you, this bag would be well worth considering.

Make sure you get the ‘Pro’ version (the Starlight Exp is a bit lightweight). And shop around – we found it on sale in Snow & Rock for just £45 (although they are now out of stock). It’s also priced between £75 and £80 at different retailers. 


 Deuter Starlight Pro Exp Deuter Starlight Pro Exp Extension