Safety Comes First

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

A to Z Expeditions works hard to ensure that our expedition programmes provide an appropriate challenge for participants without compromising on safety.

In this section you will find information about the high standards we up hold as well as the technology we use, and checks we perform before our expeditions even begin.

Approved Activity Provider

A to Z Expeditions is a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Approved Activity Provider. We work closely with DofE head office and DofE Operating Authorities across the country to ensure our programmes fulfil the DofE Expedition Requirements.

Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority

The Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority is the body which regulates Adventurous Activities in the UK. It is a government body and part of the HSE. A to Z Expeditions is licensed by AALA to provide walking and canoeing expeditions in licensable terrain. Our provider number is R1606. More details can be found at:


We utilise the latest technology to ensure our groups have a safe and enjoyable expedition experience.

We have a stock of SPOT trackers which we issue to groups undertaking all of our expeditions. When activated the device sends a distress signal directly to our Duty Manager.


Our real strength is our fantastic team of instructors.  They are all fully qualified and have the necessary experience to deliver DofE training and expeditions. Each instructor holds the National Governing Body qualifications appropriate for the terrain and mode of travel of the expedition.

Our instructors are also DofE experts, they have all completed a DofE Induction course and the majority are DofE Accredited Assessors.

First Aid

All of our instructors are qualified first aiders and have attended activity specific courses to enable them to deal efficiently with any situation that may arise.

All participants will receive training to enable them to effectively deal with emergencies during their expedition. Each expedition group is also issued with a group first aid kit.

We recommend that participants undertake further first aid training, which could count towards their DofE Skills section.

Saftey FAQs

Take a closer look through some of the specific safety FAQ’s we get asked regularly here at A to Z expeditions.

We will try to accommodate your needs wherever possible; however expeditions are very strenuous and often take part in remote areas so we need to consider whether it will be safe for you to take part if you are not fully fit.

It may be possible to apply for an exemption from the DofE 20 conditions so that we can assist you in some way, or we may recommend that you need to undertake further training or wait until you are fully fit before taking part.

Our instructors will be on hand to give you support and first aid. If necessary you will be seen by a medical professional. If you are unable to continue with the expedition then we will contact your DofE leader and/or your parent/guardian to arrange for them to collect you.

Ticks are common in some of the expedition areas. You can prevent tick bites by covering up and using insect repellent. We include Tick removers in our first aid kits, and our instructors will show you how to use these. If you get bitten by a tick during your expedition please let your instructor know. If you find a tick when you get home then you can find advice on safe removal and information on the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease in this leaflet: Just a Tick…

Yes – but it should only be used in case of an emergency. Please ensure that it is fully charged, has plenty of credit and is well protected from the elements in a tough plastic bag – a zip lock bag would be ideal.

Why choose A to Z Expeditions?

A to Z Expeditions puts safety first. We work hard to ensure our expedition programmes provide an appropriate challenge for participants without compromising on safety.

We ONLY specialise in Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions, offering schools and open programmes at all three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Our top outdoor instructors are proficient at giving participants the skills they need for DofE. They are backed up by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable head office team, who will answer all your questions.

Explore the great British countryside by foot, canoe or bike whilst training and completing an A to Z DofE expedition. You wont be disappointed, so don’t forget your camera!

We are very proud of our credentials, but they cannot stand alone. They have to be validated by the level of knowledge and expertise we offer, that only comes with experience.