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AtoZ Expeditions Locations

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DofE Expeditions

For young people, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award offers a unique opportunity to develop important practical and personal skills. But arranging the expedition section can be a challenging and time consuming task. This is where we come in, to take away the stress and confusion.

At A to Z Expeditions we take the pressure off school DofE co-ordinators by planning and delivering tailored expeditions for their students. We also run a range of open DofE expeditions for individuals and small groups.

We work closely with DofE head office and DofE Operating Authorities across the country to ensure our programmes fulfil the DofE Expedition Requirements (20 conditions).

We are also licensed by the Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority, which is a branch of the government health and safety executive.

So you can rest assured our expeditions fulfil Duke of Edinburgh’s Award requirements as well as the strictest safety standards.

Why DofE?

Great Fun
Extremely Rewarding
A New Experience
An Amazing Achievement

DofE Expeditions for Schools and Individuals

Design the adventure that is right for your school and groups. You can choose from Walking, Canoeing and Cycling expeditions at all levels.

Participant balancing a stove lid on her head

Open expeditions are for individuals and smaller groups. We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold walking programmes.

“The instructors really took the lead for the weekend. I was confident in their capability in dealing with the participants, some of whom had some very specific medical issues which were catered for.”

Fantastic InstructorsHappy Teacher

“Thank you for everything, the instructors were brilliant. I can see why A to Z is so popular and why you come so highly recommended”

Everything was brilliant!A happy parent

“I have been using them for 3 years and would recommend them without hesitation”

Great RecommendationTeacher & DofE Co-ordinator

“THANK YOU and your team for what can only be described as the best of my Six DofE EXPEDITIONS!”

The best expedition yet!A happy participant

“Thank you for all your work and time. I will always recommend you guys to anyone wishing to complete any of the expeditions”

You are the bestA happy participant

“They have the participant at the centre of their customer relations”

Participants at the centre of everythingSchool DofE Co-ordinator

“Communication from AtoZ was excellent. They were good at providing me with advice and helping me out. This all made my job so much easier!”

Great CompanySchool DofE Co-ordinator

“What a relief to be working with you!”

Phew....!DofE Co-ordinator

“The instructors were fantastic as usual and were approachable all the time, which the girls appreciated.”

Great InstructorsSchool DofE Co-ordinator

“I have had a couple of problems with certain students but really felt like you had things in hand. This took a lot of pressure away from me”

Took the pressure offHappy Teacher

“Good feedback from the weekend’s practice so well done to you and your team”

Excellent feedbackDofE Co-ordinator

“Thank you for all your work and time. I will always recommend you guys to anyone wishing to complete any of the expeditions”

RecommendationA happy participant

Why choose A to Z Expeditions?

A to Z Expeditions puts safety first. We work hard to ensure our expedition programmes provide an appropriate challenge for participants without compromising on safety.

We ONLY specialise in Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions, offering schools and open programmes at all three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Our top outdoor instructors are proficient at giving participants the skills they need for DofE. They are backed up by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable head office team, who will answer all your questions.

We are very proud of our credentials, but they cannot stand alone. They have to be validated by the level of knowledge and expertise we offer, that only comes with experience.

Fantastic locations

Explore the great British countryside by foot, canoe or bike whilst training and completing an A to Z DofE expedition. You wont be disappointed, so don’t forget your camera!