James McLean – Operations Manager

James is our Operations Manager.  He is also a Mountain Leader, Mountain Bike Instructor and DofE Accredited Assessor.

When let out of the office, James can be found walking, scrambling and mountain biking.

What does James say about his expedition experience?

What is the most memorable expedition that you have been on?
An Expedition to the Peruvian Amazon. We really got back to nature, surviving without niceties such as beds, toilets or even tents! Believe me, spider monkeys are scary!

If you were doing your Gold Expedition this year where would you go?
I would definitely head back to Wester Ross. Badrallach Bothy is a great Base-Camp and An Teallach is one of the most spectacular mountains I’ve ever seen.

What is the one luxury item that you always take with you on an expedition?
I’d always take a good book on an expedition. It’s nice to be in a place where TV, phones and WiFi are unavailable.

More from James

“The outdoors is a unique learning environment where young people develop skills they can use in their everyday lives. DofE expeditions give participants the opportunity to plan and undertake an adventurous journey. DofE requirements say they must be unaccompanied and self sufficient on the qualifying expedition. So participants have to train and practice thoroughly to develop the necessary skills to be safe. This demands commitment, focus, the ability to lead, work as a team and to make good decisions even if you’re a bit damp, a bit cold and out of your comfort zone!”

‘The expedition was fantastic. The students gained a lot from the weekend.’

Fantastic Expedition!School DofE Manager

“Thank you for all your work and time. I will always recommend you guys to anyone wishing to complete any of the expeditions.”

Thank you A to Z Expeditions!A very happy participant